Why Energy Plus Solar?

Having been involved in solar PV since 2003 and having installed over 1000 systems throughout Southern California is our history but it is not enough. What matters is a commitment to product quality and customer experience. A solar power installation is a construction project on your property and there are many factors to consider. 

Product quality is the quality of the project that is going on your home. Every detail matters. What type of roof do you have? How does the attachment system connect to the type of roof that you have? How will the conduit be routed? Will it be visible? What will it look like? Does the system have bird screen? Do you need to upgrade your main electrical service panel?

Great customer experience comes from understanding the phases of the project and Energy Plus Solar performing on those tasks. Energy Plus Solar makes certain that the customer understands what is involved with permitting, connecting to the grid and utility requirements, financing vehicles including terms and potential incentives. 

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